Syp’s T.O.U.C.H. Shooters Philosophy

Every year basketball is evolving into a game that relies more and more on the analytical tactics that coaches are applying. In addition, the traditional two guard, two forward, and one center line-up is changing into a three guard, two forward line-up where every player is becoming more versatile. In particular, players at every position are becoming GREAT SHOOTERS and coaches are moving towards offenses that spread the floor and rely on consistent outside shooting from multiple positions.

Syp’s T.O.U.C.H. Shooting Academy has developed a five-step shot building and improvement program that incorporates all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a great in-game shooter.

Remember, practices doesn’t make perfect…


Touch (Step 1): Touch is developed using one handed form shooting while maintaining PERFECT form. Elbow 90 degrees, upper arm parallel to the hardwood, focus on elbow moving straight up with full extension through follow through, ball on the pads of finger, leaves index and middle finger last.

One-Motion (Step 2): Shot is executed all in one-motion and always leaves hand on the way up. Ideally the shot begins as the jump begins. Power comes from legs. Toe, knee, hip, elbow, hand alignment with rim.

Understand (Step 3): Student is taught to create space in many different ways against all the different defensive strategies he or she may encounter. Space can be created by using the dribble, using screens, setting screens, and understand the general movement of offensive players and defensive rotations. This will be accomplished by the use of film study and specialized drills designed to challenge decision-making and response to situations.

Core (Step 4): Functional core strength is vital to consistent shooting. Our warm-ups will consist of core strengthening and functional exercises to improve core strength and balance. Core strength helps the student prepare before the shot, catch in athletic position, and always be on balance regardless of how fast they must move or change direction to create space.

Hale (Step 5): Hale refers to the STRONG base and relentless condition that we will help develop in are student athletes. This includes leg strength, core, balance, and conditioning. A great shooter is constantly moving and able to do so without becoming fatigued. This is necessary in order to maintain consistency.


This is the fundamental philosophy of Syp’s T.O.U.C.H. shot building formula. When training a student who’s main focus is to become a great shooter, we will use these steps to develop their personalized training program. SypieLBC


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